Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

 By purchasing a ticket from Southern Shuttle, you hereby acknowledge to having read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions:


Passengers are to be at their designated collection point 15 minutes prior to the stipulated departure time. Should the shuttle arrive at the collection point within this 15 min stipulated time and north bound passengers are not at their collection points, passengers will be left behind, with the onus on them to call us on 079 571 9900 to find out the next collection point and for them to catch up to the shuttle. In the event that the shuttle is not at the stipulated collection point at the indicated time, the onus lies on the passenger to contact us on 079 571 9900 within 10 minutes of the collection/departure time provided that we have not already contacted them with information regarding traffic/time delays etc.

Passengers are requested to ensure that their given mobile number is switched on and monitored up to 24 hours prior to their transfer. Should the passengers’ mobile number not be provided and/or monitored, we cannot be held responsible for not being able to contact the passenger/s to advise them of any changes on the collection times/routes and hence will not be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the passenger should he/she miss the shuttle or ongoing transfers. International passengers are to contact us 24 hours prior to departure/collection to confirm their times and/or be notified of any variations (if applicable).

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that passengers arrive at the designated destination on time, due to the very nature of this business, we do not hold ourselves liable for any time delays due to unforeseen events, including and not limited to damages, injury and/or loss, save for what is covered by the mandatory Passenger Liability Insurance. Passengers are to ensure that they have sufficient insurance cover for their personal belongings as well as adequate Travel Insurance in case of missing their flights / ongoing travel arrangements / missing the Shuttle for whatsoever reason. Passengers are requested to ensure that they book on a shuttle arriving at the airport at least one hour before flight departure time and/or to comply with the ongoing carrier service requirements.

In order to comply to our Passenger Liability Insurance, passengers are to remain seated with their safety belt on at all times.

No pets or animals are allowed aboard the Shuttle with the exception of special arrangements/guide dogs.


Southern Shuttle will not transport unaccompanied luggage. Each passenger is permitted a single suitcase of standard dimensions (56cm x 36cm x 23cm) not weighing more than 20kg as well as one piece of hand luggage weighing not more than 5kg (36cm x 23cm x 56cm). Prams, portable cots, boogie boards, golf bags, etc. will carry an additional charge. The onus lies on the Passenger/s to notify us in advance via email (with their reference number) should there be any additional luggage and/or variations to the above luggage dimensions and weight as a discretionary surcharge will be levied on boarding. Please note that this is also subject to the availability of space. All luggage must be handed over for carriage in the designated trailer excluding a ladies’ standard size handbag/ computer bag that can be carried onto the shuttle.The onus falls on the Passengers to ensure that their luggage is clearly identifiable and that the correct luggage is collected/handed over to them on disembarkation. Southern Shuttle will not be held liable for any lost/damaged or left behind baggage and the re-consignment thereof.


All our tickets are budget price and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Passengers are to ensure that they choose the correct departure and arrival times on our shuttle to their designated points so as to comply with their airline/shipping/Tour Operators’ requirements. Cancellation and refund requests made due to the ill-health of the booked passenger, needs to be made by emailing us at refunds@southernshuttle.co.za not less than 48 hours prior to date of travel, accompanied by a recent doctors letter confirming the ailment. An administration fee of R150 per passenger,per trip will be levied.

Should a passenger wish to cancel their booking with us, a formal, written request must be received at refunds@southernshuttle.co.za at least 14 days prior to the date of travel, at which point they are entitled to a 50% refund per ticket. Cancellations made later than 14 days in advance are ineligible for refunds.

Ticket Changes

Please note that should passengers request any changes to their date/time of travel, regardless of the circumstances, a fee of the greater value between R100 and 50% of the new ticket price per passenger shall be levied per date/time changed to be paid as cash on boarding. In the event that multiple changes are made, we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements for payment of the fees. Please note that any changes need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure time after which any changes will cause the original ticket to be forfeited in its entirety, requiring an entirely new ticket to be purchased. Note that ticket changes can only be changed to a maximum of  14 days ahead of the original date of travel and are subject to availability.

Missing the Shuttle

In the unfortunate event that passengers miss their shuttle due to unforeseen circumstances, they are entitled to a new ticket at a cost of the greater value between R100 and 50% of the new ticket price, on the condition that this new booking is made for the same day. Please note that these discounted new tickets will be offered only at our discretion, with preference given to full fare paying passengers. The dates/times of these new tickets cannot be changed.


Please note that eating, smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited at all times when aboard our Shuttle. Failure to comply with this will result in the Passenger being warned and subsequently disembarked at the nearest safe area.


Children and Infants (12 and Under)

No unaccompanied children or infants will be allowed on the Shuttle. Parents are ultimately responsible for any mess made by their children and will be required to clean up after them. Out of courtesy to the next passenger, we request that parents ensure the good behaviour of their children and that they remain seated with their seat belts on. Infants aged 0-3yrs will be provided with a baby chair provided a request has been made for this.  As a safety precaution, we request that parents email us their booking reference number so that we can check the correct allotment of Baby Chairs for infants 0 – 3yrs.


Privacy Policy


By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to the usage and treatment of your personal data in the manner stipulated within this Privacy Policy.

The online safety of all customers is of the utmost concern to Southern Shuttle. As a result, all possible safety measures and precautions shall be adhered to in order to ensure the security of customers’ private information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Bill 2009

Collection of Private/Personal Information

Use of the Southern Shuttle online booking system or Agents, requires the collection of customers’ personal details including, but not limited to: names, surnames, phone numbers, disabilities, collection/destination points and flight landing/departure times. Additional information such as residential addresses will be asked for specifically should it be required in order for Southern Shuttle to render its service. Southern Shuttle will never divulge, trade and/or sell any personal information collected to secondary parties, unless required to by law. Credit card payments and details are managed through an approved and secure payment gateway, SetCom or with the Agent directly and not Southern Shuttle. As such, no credit card information is stored or dealt with by Southern Shuttle when doing an online booking direct with us but exclusively with SetCom. Please refer to SetCom’s website for their Privacy Policy.

Use of Private/Personal Information

Southern Shuttle’s usage of customers’ personal details is limited to the rendering of services and as such, collected private information will only ever be used to arrange collection and dropping off of Southern Shuttle passengers. Southern Shuttle will never use customers’ private information maliciously or with ill intent.

Right of admission is reserved

Our Fares & Routes and these Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. E & OE